Astrophotography by Romulo Freire


G 42 Periodic Error results (before and after Pempro)


I'd like to share my PE results after I finally had a chance to dedicate an evening on tuning the mount.

This is the PE before any correction after 6 worm cycles (PEC OFF):

Then after uploading the curve , the result with PEC ON:

(Going for the gold)
I noticed that the first curve was making an over correction (even if it was already excelent!) so I did a REFINE CURVE with both results and here is the outcome:

WHAT??? IT CAN'T BE SO!! Under an arcsec TOTAL? So I thought I probably had the wrong axis, so just to be sure I checked the other axis:

I guess the result was right at first: a PE of +0.3/ -0.5. (I just wished I could have a seeing this good... )
Many thanks go out to the creators of Pempro for developing a program that is able to squeeze out the best of many mounts while computing precise calculations. And last, but certainly not least, thanks to Paul Kitching for making the Pulsar be able to comunicate with the outside world (ASCOM).



Astrophotography by Romulo Freire